Canopy Chic at The Hotel Recamier in Paris

My friend, photographer Alexandra Rowley, just spent a few days at the recently opened Hotel Recamier in Paris. She raved about the hotel’s stunning design and I can see why! This 24-room boutique hotel is so absolutely gorgeous, you will not only want to hop on the next flight, but also recreate the look of these glamorous bedrooms at home.

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The Recamier’s owner Sylvie de Lattre gave me the inside scoop on the hotel’s individually designed rooms. Sylvie also owns the charming  Verneuil, a Left Bank hotel that is a favorite of design lovers.

Sylvie worked with decorator Jean Louis Denoit  to transform this former hostel off of the idyllic Place Saint Sulplice into a design destination. “I wanted it to be a contemporary chic hotel, eclectic, with a style deeply fed by the French artistic currents of the 20th century,” said Sylvie, explaining the look she was going for. “In other words a design with real culture, not just a quick fashionable fix.”

The patterned canopies are a showstopping focal point for each room. Don’t you love the idea of waking up to those crisp prints? To recreate the look, you will need two different fabrics, a solid and a stripe, a graphic print and a stripe, or a graphic and a solid.  The width of the fabric should be the same as your bed. The length will depend on the height of your ceiling and how far down the bed you want the canopy to go. Sew the two fabrics together with Fabric A on one side and Fabric B on the other. Place Fabric A on inner section of the canopy, and Fabric B on the reverse.  If you want to completely match the look, then you will need to make a slipcover, or reupholster the headboard, in Fabric B.

The canopy requires two drapery rods, so you will need to sew two pockets into the fabric. One rod holds the fabric against the wall above the headboard, while the front rod  is attached to the ceiling with brackets. Madura makes stylish ceiling mounted brackets. You could also attach the rods to the ceiling with hooks.

The finishing touch is the charming mirror centered above the headboard. Ballard Designs, Bellesol Mirror is very similar to the one above. I also like the Silver Mosaic version from Target. The fabrics in the Recamier’s rooms are all custom  re-editions of 1930s and 40s motifs from Le Manach. But you can use stripes, simple graphic prints,and beige solid textiles,  for a similar vibe. The wallpaper is from Au Fils des Colours.

Bonne Journee!

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