Checking in to the St. Regis in Mauritius


More and more I am trying to live by the motto that you only live once. So when the stars aligned and I was able to visit my oldest friend who lives in Mauritius and write about the gorgeous new St. Regis there for Indagare too, I jumped at the chance. It was a 30-hour trip from NYC, completely crazy considering I had little ones in tow. But I was pretty sure if I didn’t go for it, the opportunity to head to this lovely island in the middle of the Indian Ocean might not come around again. You can read about the resort in detail on Indagare, but I thought I would share a few of my snaps of the hotel here:


The is the far corner of the resort (room 640) where we stayed. The deck was just steps from the beach which is amazing if you have little ones that head to sleep before you do.


The view to the right of room 640.


The view to the left….


One-Eye which is a kite-surfing destination just steps from the edge of the resort. The hotel has a “kite concierge” that can arrange lessons etc.



All villas are all arranged in a v, so that every room has a view of the ocean. Most villas have 4 guest rooms . There are 172-rooms total. The rooms on the far side of the resort are the ones to get. Way quieter and more private.

IMG_3139 IMG_3140 IMG_3142

One of the beachfront suites.

IMG_3017 IMG_3014

This is one of the suites in the Manor House overlooking the pool.

IMG_3012 IMG_3085 IMG_3084 IMG_3138 IMG_3519

The pool, which is so large it feels more like a small lake.



There is also a smaller “quiet” pool sited in the v of on the villa groupings.

IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3504


The hotel has six restaurants designed to reflect the island’s cultural diversity with Indian, Japanese, Asian, French/Mauritian options as well as a more casual, beachfront restaurant which was my favorite spot for everything from a drink to lunch to dinner and back to drinks (hey, it’s a vacation).

IMG_3131 IMG_3133

Here are pics of the more formal Manoir restaurant set by the pool/lake.

IMG_3022 IMG_3026 IMG_3024

The upstairs sitting room in the Manor House. I loved these cement tiles.