Chic Tile at The Greenwich Hotel

Last week, when I wrote about New York’s Greenwich Hotel, I decided to wait and do a separate post just on the bathrooms because they are so incredibly unique. The bathrooms at The Greenwich fall into two camps, luxe versions done completely in Italian Carrara marble,  and more exotic versions done in richly saturated hand-laid Moroccan tile. Both are amazing.

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Every aspect of the elegant Carrara bathrooms is worth noting–from the rectangular marble slabs that beautifully envelope the room, to the oversized soaking tub that you want to dive into, to the intricately patterned tile floor.

Here are some close-up photos, I took of the floor. One is in all white, while the other is done in grey, taupe, and white tiles. Both floors are done in the same incredibly gorgeous pattern. I love how they matched the patterned floor in the shower stall to the main bathroom floor.

When you look at the Moroccan inspired bathrooms, it is hard to believe they are in the same hotel. They feature intense color, simple graphic patterns and have a much more earthy and exotic look than the Carrara ones. I especially love them because they don’t look like hotel bathrooms at all, at least not ones in New York!

I love the idea of doing a bold pattern on the floor and keeping the walls simple in white tile with a patterned border. Very chic.

All tile is from Urban Archeology.

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