Ett Hem: Your Own Private House in Stockholm

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Refinery29 asked me to come up with a global bucket list this summer and I included Ett Hem–a cool hybrid of house and hotel in Stockholm. The philosophy behind this 12-room  townhouse is to have guests to live in the space as if it were their own. Guests can grab a snack from the fridge, take the dog for a walk, share dinner with friends in the dining room, or play piano when the mood strikes. The Arts & Crafts era house has a kitchen, dining room, library, and gardens. The design, courtesy of Ilse Crawford, enhances the real-house feel with unique vintage furniture and art from Swedish designers.


The gardens alone have me sold.


Love the bust peeking out from under a side table.

Etthem120425_056 Etthem120425_077

If you like the globe chandelier above the dining table check out this (splurge) version by Lindsay Adelman— or these amazing ones from PELLE

Ett Hem 20120511 44316_fire EttHemStockholm01

The house features very little pattern, and only a touch of color.  In the living room–the black and white sofa is that perfect punctuation for the space.

EttHemStockholm03 etthem_bdrm2_0

The house looks so cool and cozy, the only downside is that you wouldn’t really want to leave to explore the city. Or leave at all really.

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