Fabulous Floor at The Mark

The original lobby of the classic Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side, was traditional and, what exactly? There was some wood paneling and…..what else? Even though I’ve seen it many many times, I can’t really remember what it looked like.

French designer Jacques Granges clearly wanted to counter that impression when he came up with the dramatic, traffic-stopping, marble floor for the hotel’s recent redesign. Granges, whose clients include Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino, knows how to get noticed. The lobby’s stunning black and white stripes lead you in and then morph into squares in the wings.  The Mark’s new lobby is absolutely unforgettable.

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Take a look at the floor design for the sitting area above. You could recreate the look with paint, either vertically or horizonally. Wouldn’t this design be amazing in an entry way or foyer? It could even jazz up a mudroom or a covered porch. It would be a cool update for a tired wood floor.

While black and white is very contemporary and sophisticated, the design could be playful recreated in red or orange and white. It would be elegant in beige or gray with white. And the floor would look classic in navy or hunter green and white. Lots of possibilities…..

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