Off the Grid at Australia’s Capella Lodge

I don’t know about you, but I love being unplugged. I love turning off my phone and being totally unreachable. No editors with brilliant ideas to expand my stories that I’ve already handed in. No reminders about appointments, deadlines, or obligations while I’m spending time with my family. No emails demanding to be responded to within minutes.  Just peace! But the reality of being a working mother is that the phone has to stay on much of the time, sigh. However, at Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia there is no cell reception,  only 400 tourists are allowed at a time,  no traffic lights to speak of, and 75 % of this World Heritage Site is conservation land. Talk about being unplugged! A girl can dream…..

Lord Howe Island is 2 hours away from Sydney via a teeny airplane. It’s 10 miles long and  is a nature lovers dream with one of the world’s most famous coral reefs, rare bird watching, exotic plant species, and hiking.

Tucked away on Lord Howe is Capella Lodge, a 9 suite boutique hotel with some of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen.

This is the view from the Lidgbird Pavilion suite which boasts its own plunge pool, private deck, and 2 floors of amazing views.

Imagine waking up to this…

Would love to hang here for an afternoon…

A private infinity plunge pool outside one of Capella’s suites

Both the rooms and the restaurant make the most of the views with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Happy travels (virtual and otherwise)

all photos courtesy Capella Lodge