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  • Josef Frank Fabrics at c/o The Maidstone

    By Sara Bliss on August 22, 2016
    For years, The Maidstone Arms Inn in East Hampton was a cute, preppy inn with nautical theme. That all changed a few years ago when the hotel was bought by Swedish hotelier Jenny Ljungberg, who renamed it, c/o The Maidstone, and gave the inn a whimsical, color-saturated, eco-friendly makeover. She teamed up with Nadia Tolstoy (Leo’s granddaughter), to give each of the 19 rooms a […]
  • Design Lessons From c/o The Maidstone

    By Sara Bliss on November 18, 2010
    For years, East Hampton’s c. 1740 Maidstone Arms inn, was a clubby bastion of New England WASPiness, complete with  blue blazer clad guests and chintz filled rooms. But East Hampton has changed–the mom and pop shops have been replaced by Dylan’s Candy Bar and Scoop, and blue blazers have given way to blue jeans.  So when the Maidstone went up […]