The Ultimate Beach Getaway: Australia’s Lizard Island


Right about now the idea of escaping to a remote tropical island with an unspoiled beach sounds perfect. Even more amazing? Lizard Island resort boasts 24 white sand beaches. With an impressive array of beaches to choose from, and only 40 villas, you’re bound to have a beautiful stretch of sand to yourself.  The hotel is set in a national park by the Great Barrier Reef. Check out these pics–the antidote to the heinous, slushy mess that is NYC today.

IMG_1248 IMG_1764 A91G8567 IMG_0114 Lg_120401_44954big Lg_120401_44532big The_Pavilion_at_Sunset 0038_lowres Lizard Island via Hotel Chic prop-img-full-g9otih35-plo1xq14xc74