Viritual (Clutter-free) Vacation at The Wild Rabbit

2Does your house ever look like the toy aisle at Target exploded in it? Mine does. I keep finding Play-Doh stuck in the cracks of the floor (and it’s soooo not coming out). My 2-year old has decided her favorite canvas is the living room wall (that I just painted).  And Legos seem to multiply like rabbits hiding under every sofa, in kitchen drawers, and inexplicably in my makeup bag. I keep finding Legos in my purse (note:  it does not look professional to hand someone a card and a red Lego at the same time as I just discovered). So the idea of staying, if only for a night or two, in a space that looks totally cozy, serene, and devoid of things like 100-pack army guys, sounds truly amazing.  The Wild Rabbit in The Cotswalds looks like just the place.

The-Wild-Rabbit_Stylesight6The 12-room inn, set in a stone clad building that dates back to 1750 and is in the village of Kingham. While I love color in my real life there is something so incredibly soothing about this soft palette. The stone walls, wood beams, and leaded windows add a ton of character. It is the vision of Lady Bamford who owns a local organic farm and cooking school Daylesford. Pub and restaurant right downstairs. Sounds lovely…and if you can part with the mess but not your kiddos they have adjoining kids rooms. Pics below!

The-Wild-Rabbit-hotel-interior-5 The-Wild-Rabbit-hotel-interior-12 The-Wild-Rabbit-hotel-interior-4 The-Wild-Rabbit-hotel-interior-14