Your Own Private Island in the Philippines

Ariara arial via Hotel Chic

The Palawan archipelago in the Philippines has over 1700 lush, biodiverse islands and islets, many of which are uninhabited. They boast everything you could want in a far-flung destination-white sand beaches with no one in sight, thousands of miles of reefs, and crystal clear waters teaming with fish and magical creatures like blue starfish. Heaven on earth for those who want to escape? Quite possibly. It is also home to a new private island resort, Ariara.  The 125-acre island has a staff of 30 with 6 boats (including 100 foot fishing schooner that sleeps 10), and can accommodate up to 18 guests. The four beach cottages were designed by Filipino architect Jorge Yulo and with interiors done by the owners British couple Charles and Carrie McCulloch (Ariara is their private retreat). Rates are $475 per person per night for groups of 15 to 17. Sounds like the perfect place to be marooned with your favorite people.

Ariara dock via Hotel ChicAriara dock via Hotel Chic

Infinity pool Ariara via Hotel Chic

Ariara beach via Hotel Chic

Endless dock, pristine beaches, the perfect infinity pool…

Ariara rooms via Hotel Chic Ariara beach cottages via Hotel ChicAriara bedroomL via Hotel Chic

The four thatched-roof beach cottages were designed by Filipino architect Jorge Yulo.

Ariara surrounding islands via Hotel Chic

A few of the uninhabited Palawan islands nearby.

All images courtesy of Ariara