Virtual Vacation at the Titilaka Experience Lodge in Peru

Looking to completely escape the grind? Either for just a few minutes, or for your next trip, the Titilaka Experience Hotel looks like the ideal place to drop out for a bit. Boasting endless sky, beyond peaceful vistas, a rich culture, and a lovely, understated, design, the 18 room hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca, is a dream retreat. Here are a few stunning photos:

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The area is known for terrific hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking, however, it also happens to be 12,500 feet above sea level so some people might be reaching for the oxygen masks! The scenery however, begs for you to put your feet up and take it all in.

Each of the 18 rooms boasts beautiful lake views. Even the tub has a view…

The hotel design is inspired by the Incan cultural heritage of the region, with brightly colored Peruvian woven textiles, local art and ceramics, and comfortable Colonial style furniture.

Happy Travels! Virtual or otherwise….

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