Natasha Law at the London Belgraves Hotel

london belgraves lobbyBritish artist Natasha Law is known for her bold, colorful paintings of women in various states of undress. Rendered in layers of bright colors with a glossy finish, Law’s work captures intimate moments through a playful lens. Three of Law’s paintings grace the lobby of the London Belgraves Hotel, where British designer Tara Bernerd created a retro, 1970s vibe that meshes perfectly with Law’s  cool, confident canvases.  See below for a few of Law’s newest works courtesy of her rep, art dealer Blair Clarke. (And on a separate design note, how cool are those armchairs? source for those below as well)


Natasha Law, Grey Back, 2013, Gloss on Cartridge, 60 x 48 Inches


Natasha Law, Green and Pink Trim on Red, 2012,


Natasha Law, Pink Strip on Green, 2013, Gloss on Cartridge, 60 x 48 Inches


Natasha Law, Green Shorts, 2010, Gloss on Aluminum, 48 x 48 Inches

kilin armchair

Sérgio Rodrigues, 1973 Kilin Armchair through Discover&Deliver.

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